Which Glucometer Is Accurate In India?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

Which Glucometer is Accurate in India?: There are many Glucometer available in India. First, No Glucometer gives you accurate Blood Glucose level readings. Only lab tests gives you accurate glucose levels readings. The amount of blood taken from the Glucometer is very little compared to that taken in the lab test, So no Glucometer gives you accurate Blood sugar levels readings.

Which Glucometer is Accurate In India?

There is only slight difference between glucometer readings and lab test results. Depending upon the features it has, Glucometers gives readings close to accuracy. Whichever Glucometer you buy, for the first 3 to 4 months it gives you correct readings and after that, the readings may vary a lot.

Here below we are recommending some of the Best Glucometers that give an accurate reading and have got the best reviews from users.

  1. Dr. Morepen Glucometer

Dr. Morepen Glucometer has got a good rating from the users. It is noted as the fastest glucometer that provides accurate results.  Its very easy to uses. This glucometer can be set up without any coding. Only small Blood sample is needed. It has Good battery backup also.  The Price of it also reasonable with just Rs. 994. Inside kit, you’ll have Glucometer, 25 strips, lancet device with 25 lancet needles.

Note: No Glucometer gives you accurate results as the amount of blood tested is very low. If blood sugar levels are showing high then consult doctor immediately without late.

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