What Is The Use Of Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

What is the use of Glucometer?: Glucometer is a portable medical device used to test glucose levels, sugar levels in the blood. Depending upon the sugar levels, medical experts assume the health status and prescribe medicines or treatment if necessary.

What is the use of Glucometer?

Glucometer in nowadays has become a must medical equipment in every household. Without Glucometer it is hard to access the sugar levels in a person’s body. With Glucometer we can immediately know whether the person has diabetes or not.

Glucometer testing is the emergency method to know the sugar levels in body. Only a small amount of blood is required to perform this test. The method of glucose testing with Glucometer is very easy and doesn’t require any prior training for it.

Glucometers are freely available in pharmaceutical shops. Within just Rs.1000 Dr. Morepen Glucometer kit is getting available. Inside Glucometer kit you’ll have Glucometer, testing strips, lancet device and strips to prick your finger.

The process of sugar level testing with a glucometer also very easy. You need to wash your hand well and clean it dry. Insert the testing strip inside the glucometer. prick on your fingertip with a lancet device. Clean the first top of blood on you finger. Then place the Glucose meter testing strip end onto your finger’s blood. After 5 to 8 seconds glucose readings appear on the Glucometer indicating sugar levels.

The normal sugar levels are below 140mg/dL. If sugar levels exceed 140mg/dL then you are in prediabetes. If it crosses 200mg/dL then you are in diabetes. Normal sugar levels vary depending upon age, time of testing, and environment temperature.

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