What Is The Principle Of Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

What is the principle of Glucometer: The working principle of glucometer is very simple. Glucometer with the help of testing strips takes a small amount of blood. Then it calculates and displays the blood sugar levels of the blood.

What is the Principle Of Glucometer?

The Principle of Glucometer is very simple. Glucometer is an Electronic medical device used to test sugar levels in the blood. It gives out sugar levels reading very fast compare to Lab tests.

Testing strips when inserted into the Glucometer, It starts working. A Chemical reaction takes place inside the glucometer When blood is taken from the inserted testing strip of the glucometer. An electric current passes through that reaction and displays the sugar level in the blood.

But the sugar levels that are displayed by the Glucometer may not accurate. According to expects, the sugar levels in lab test are more accurate compare to Glucometer. Because the amount of blood taken from the Glucose test strip is very low. Whereas in Lab tests not only amount of blood is high but the blood samples of plasma also will be taken into account to access the sugar levels.

The normal range of Glucometer is below 140mg/dL. If your glucometer shows more than 140mg/dL then you are in pre-diabetes. If the range exceeds 200 then that means you in diabetic stage.

Note: Glucometer testing of blood sugar levels is recommended by doctors and medical experts in emergency use. If the sugar levels are below 70 then that person needs to take immediately sugar drink and consult a doctor.

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