What is Lancets For Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

What is Lancets for Glucometer: Lancets are more important medical devices while performing Blood sugar levels tests using Glucometers. Lancets are double-edged needles or blades used to puncture small holes on tip of a finger.


What is Lancets for Glucometer?

Lancets are small medical equipment used for taking blood samples from tip of the finger. These lancets are similar to scalpels but they are doubled-edged with sharp edges. Lancets are mostly used to take blood samples for blood group testing, sugar level testing. Lancets are also used to prick skin for testing skin allergies.

A variety of Lancet devices are available in the Pharmaceutical market. You can adjust on how much depth the lancet can pierce into your fingers. some people have thicker skin and some has thinner skin. Depending upon it, you have to adjust the lancet device.

I resemble just like a Writing pen. You need to insert a lancet needle inside the device and adjust it to the required number. with just one click on the button, it makes a small piercing on the tip of your finger making a hole and blood comes our. This small amount of blood is enough to perform a blood group test, blood sugar levels test using a Glucometer.

One lancet needle must be used only once. You need to dispose of it carefully. It ejects out from the Lancet device with just one click on the button.

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