What is Control Solution for Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

What is Control Solution for Glucometer?: Some glucometers may not function properly and some may not give you accurate glucose levels. To check whether your Glucometer is functioning correctly or not you need to test your glucometer with Glucose Control Solution.

What is Control Solution for Glucometer?

Glucose Control solutions is a liquid that is a mix of water, glucose, buffers, and microbicides. Control solution, when tested with glucometer testing strip same as how to test your blood sugar levels, will shown the numerical value on the Glucometer.

How often is a Glucose control solution test recommended?

  1. When you think your test strips are not working properly.
  2. If your glucometer shows High sugar levels though you are normal in health without any symptoms of hyperglycemia.
  3. when your test strips damage slightly or expose to high temperatures.

How to perform a Control solution test?

  1. Get ready with the Glucometer and testing strip inserted in it.
  2. shake the control solution bottle vigorously
  3. Let the first drop of the solution goes out. Now dispense the second drop of control solution on a neat surface.
  4. Place the testing strip of the glucose meter into the control solution that is placed on the surface.
  5. Make sure that the Testing strip takes the solution. wait ten seconds for the reading.
  6. The reading that appears on the glucometer must tally with the appropriate range printed on the strip.
  7. If the numbers tally then your glucometer and strips are well and safe to use.
  8. Dispose the testing strips carefully.

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