What is Code Free Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

What is Code Free Glucometer: Glucometers which are present available in the market don’t need any codes to get accurate Sugar levels while performing tests. Almost all Glucometres that are available present are Code-free Glucometers.

What is Code Free Glucometer?

Code-free Glucometers started getting used in 2012. Till then many used to Programme their glucometer with certain codes in order to get accurate or exact glucose levels. South Korean Company SD Code-free in 2012 for the first time introduced and released this Code-free Glucometer into the market.

Earlier the checking of Code on Glucometers was also easy. To check the code. You need to insert the test strip into the Glucometer and Push it inside until the glucometer beeps with a sound. Then the code number appears on the Glucometer for 3 seconds. The number displayed must match with the code on the test strip. If it matches then you can forward for testing If it shown “Err” then that means that your test strip has expired.

Note: All the latest Glucometers that are available in the market now doesn’t require any code testing. All Glucometers and Testing strips are Code free. Within a few minutes now you can complete the process of Glucose level testing with advanced Glucometers available at a reasonable price.

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