Is Sinocare Glucometer Accurate?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

Is Sinocare Glucometer Accurate: Not only sinocare glucometer, but no other glucometers will give you accurate sugar level reading as lab tests. Devices like Sinocare Glucometers are recommended in emergency uses to access the sugal levels of the blood.

Is Sinocare Glucometer Accurate?

Sinocare Glucometer is the most advance Glucometer available in the market. The price of the Sinocare Glucometer is also very low compare to another glucometer. At just Rs. 599 Sinocare Glucometer is available in Pharmacy.

The method of testing sugar levels using Sinocare Glucometer is very easy. The company giving you 1 year warranty. In just 600 rupees you are getting full Glucometer kit.

Sinocare Glucometer kit of Rs 599 consists of Glucometer device, 10 Sinocare test strips, Lancing Device, Leather Bag, User Manual, Test Strip Instruction.

Sinocare Glucometer gives you digital readings ranging from 10 to 600mg/dL. The normal range of Glucometer is below 140mg/dL. If the reading crosses 140 mg/dL then that means you are in prediabetec stage. If the reading crosses 200mg/dL then you are at high risk of hypoglycemia.

Sinocare Glucometer must be preserve between 1 degree celsius and 30 degrees celsius. High temperate and Cold conditions may damage this device.

Note: No Glucometer gives you accurate reading of sugar levels as the amount of blood is taken very small and also just from the tip of the finger. Only Lab tests sugar levels are accurate because the blood will be taken directly from veins with syringe.

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