Is Beato Glucometer Accurate?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

Is Beato Glucometer Accurate: Beato Glucometer works same as other glucometers. There won’t be much difference between other glucometers and Beato glucometers. Almost all the readings of all Glucometers are same and not as accurate as lab test results.

Is Beato Glucometer Accurate?

Beato Glucometer is best known as Smart Glucometer. The accuracy of this Glucometer doesn’t vary much with other Glucometers as the method of testing is almost common in all Glucometer devices.

The special feature of Beato Glucometer is, you can connect glucometer to your smartphone. This device is clinically approved and ISo Certified. You need to install Beato app and from there you can study more about your body and blood samples using this Glucometer.

Diabetics experts attached to this beato app, will regularly monitor your blood sugar levels. They are always ready to guide and advise you in how to control your Blood sugar levels.

An automatic alert system is inbuilt in this Glucometer devices which will alert and guides you whenever sugar levels are very low and high. Through the available Beato App , you can choose your family doctor.

On pack of Beato Smart Glucometer kit is available for Rs. 899 after discount of 53%. In this kit you’ll be getting Smart connected glucometer, 50 testing strips, 20 sinocare lancets, one lancing pen, free waterproof puch and quick guide.

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