How To Use Sinocare Glucometer ?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

How to use sinocare Glucometer: Sinocare Glucometer is easy to operate, convenient and speedy than all other glucometers. It can run on batteries and can use 1000 times to test glucose levels.

How to use Sinocare Glucometer ?

Prepare Equipment, Install Lancet: Insert the lancet into the Puncture device to prick your finger. Adjust the required number of the lancet device.

Insert Strip and set the device: Insert the testing strip into the Sinocare glucometer. As soon as you insert, the glucometer turns on

Disinfect and obtain blood sample: Wash your hands with soap and clean it dry. Clean your testing fingers with alcohol and let it dry.

Apply the blood sample: Prick your finger with the lancing device and clean the top blood that comes first. Place the tip o the testing strip on the blood. Wait for 10 seconds maximum. Glucose reading levels appear on the Sinocare glucometer.

Strip ejection automatically: Just press the button on the sinocare glucometer for ejecting the testing strip. The same is to be done for the lancing device. Dispose of these both strip and lancing needles carefully.

Note: Consult your Doctor with the reading that got displayed on the Glucometer. Don’t place the Sinocare Glucometer in high temperated and Cold areas.