How to use Digital Glucometer?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

How to use digital glucometer: The method of using Glucometer is very essential and it is also must knowable information to many. There are many diabetic patients increasing every day. Follow the below steps of how to use a Digital Glucometer.

How to Use Digital Glucometer?

  1. Arrange the full testing set up before you. Glucometer, Testing strips, Cotton. Lancet device to prick your finger, Dettol.
  2. Wash your hands well with Soap well and see that there is no dust on your hands
  3. Take the Glucometer, On it. Insert the Testing strip inside the Glucometer.
  4. Prick the tip of the finger with a lancet device. An only a small drop of blood is enough to test glucose level.
  5. When blood comes out from your finger, place the inserted testing strips end on the blood.
  6. The testing strip takes the blood and within seconds glucose levels are reflected on the glucometer screen.
  7. Note down the reading and consult the doctor

The method of using the glucometer and testing glucose levels is completed. Apply dettol on the priced part of your finger. Dispose the testing strip carefully.

Note: Room and Environment temperature also matters a lot in Glucose level testing. If you test in high temperature or very cold conditions, your glucometer may not reflect the correct reading levels.