How to Calibrate Glucometer at Home [Complete Guide]

by Aadarsh | Last Updated: April 28, 2021

How to Calibrate Glucometer at Home: If you have any doubts regarding that your Glucometer is working properly or not. Here is how you need to check it. This completely depends on the test strips which you have got for testing your sugar levels. There are four types of strips available in the market. Here is how you need to buy them first. The strips should be brought by checking the regular pattern of the blood sugar level. There is a range for these strips, So before you buy it check for the range and check your blood sugar level patterns as well.

Before you read this article on how to calibrate do checkout how to use glucometer at home step by step.

How to Calibrate Glucometer at Home

How to Calibrate Glucometer at Home

Check the expiry date as well, Before buying these strips. Here is how you need to calibrate the glucometer. First you need to have the glucometer, a test solution which will be available in the medical shop or you can buy it online as well. Get the testing strips and check the range and expiry date carefully.

Now take out the testing strip carefully, Make sure you take just one and it keep aside. Turn on the Glucometer and place the testing strip in the device carefully. After a few seconds, the device will show the indication that the drop of blood is required for testing.

Then take out of the test solution and shake it thoroughly once. Take out the lid and slowly drop a small dot of liquid on the strip, and count down from 5 to 1. Then the result is displayed on the screen, If it perfectly matches the range given on the testing strip box then the machine is working perfectly and the testing strips are good to use. 

If it is not within the range then you should either take a new machine or a new strips which are suitable for the Glucometer. So this is how you calibrate the glucometer, If you still have any doubts regarding this you can consult your doctor or you can check any YouTube Videos as well.