How Much Difference Between Glucometer And Lab Test ?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

How much difference between Glucometer and Lab test: Testing of glucose levels is a must in nowadays as many diabetic cases are increasing day by day. Neglecting diabetic patients’ health will worsen the health condition of patients a lot. Regular glucometer tests are to be done on doctors’ prescriptions. The result of lab tests and Glucometers tests vary and they are not same. But, only slight difference can be seen in between Glucometer and lab tests.

How much difference between Glucometer and Lab test ?

It is not much difference between the Glucometer test and the lab test but the readings and glucose levels that come out will make a difference to treat diabetic patients. The following are the factors that makes difference.

Glucometers tests come out quickly in seconds whereas lab tests take more time. The temperature of Lab and normal glucometer testing area also differs.

The amount of blood taken for the Glucometer test is very low and the amount of blood taken at the lab is more. In Glucometer testing, a small amount of blood is taken by pricking on the finger. In lab, blood is taken from the Syringe pump through veins.

The blood taken in Glucometer testing doesn’t contain plasma whereas blood taken in lab tests contains plasma which places a major factor in getting accurate glucose levels in the patient’s blood.

Note: Glucometer tests are recommended for diabetic patients in emergency. Only a small difference will be there in glucose readings between the lab test and the Glucometres test.