How Does a Glucometer Work?

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

How does a Glucometer work: A glucometer is a medical device used to check blood sugar levels, glucose levels in the blood. The Process of testing glucose levels is very easy.

How does a Glucometer work?

Test strip must be inserted into the Glucometer and after then, When a person pricks the skin on the tip of the finger, some amount of blood comes out. This blood sample when taken by the test strip inside the glucometer a chemical reaction takes place. As soon as the blood sample is taken, within second the glucose levels will be displayed on the Glucometer.

Some Chemicals present in the strip helps to find the actual glucose levels in the blood. An electric current passes through the strip to the glucometer and reflects the actual glucose level numbers on screen.

Mobile Glucometer is also available where you can see reading on your mobile as soon as a blood sample is taken by the test strip. For this, you just need to sync your mobile with a Glucometer device.

Glucometer works mainly on basis of chemical reactions with blood in the test strip. The result comes out quickly within seconds.

Note: No Glucometer gives you 100% accurate results. The best and highest accuracy it can give is not more than 90 %. Before performing a test, follow the guidelines thoroughly. You need only a small sample of blood to test your Blood sugar levels.