Difference Between Glucometer Readings And Intravenous Blood Sugar Test

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

Difference between glucometer readings and intravenous blood sugar test: Intravenous blood sugar test is done in labs and it is impossible for the normal person to perform this test at home. Only medical expert does this test under special medical methods.

Difference Between Glucomter Readings and Intravenous Blood Sugar Test

Intravenous Blood Sugar test is nothing but a Sugar level test done in a lab in more details. Glucometer sugar level testing and Intravenous blood sugar testing differ a lot. These sugar level readings of these both many not vary a lot but differs.

Intravenous Blood Sugar test gives accurate readings of Sugar levels inside the blood. The blood sample taken in this Intravenous blood is also high compare to Glucometer testing.

In lab test blood is directly taken from the veins with a syringe. Plasma also included in the blood while testing sugar levels. The result of sugar levels from this method is accurate.

The sugar level testing with Glucometer is completely different with lab test. In Glucometer testing only a drop of blood from the tip of finger is taken to assess the sugar levels. This small sample of blood doesn’t contains plasma. So the glucometer test is only used at home only at emergency situations.

Glucometer test is recommended by the doctor for diabetic patients. Medical experts say that though Glucometer test vary from lab test it asses the seriousness of diabetic patient accurately. So don’t neglect and see down the Glucometer method of testing.

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