Best Glucometers for Cats 

by Subhash | Last Updated: December 13, 2021

Best Glucometers for cats: If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, Your vet must have recommended testing the blood sugar levels. So if you are searching for the best blood glucose meters for the cats. Here are some of the glucometers for the furry friends. 

Best Glucometers for cats

Best Glucometers for Cats 

  1. AlphaTrek 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

AlphaTrek 2 Blood Glucose is portable, Convenient and it has been approved to use both for cats and dogs. You will only require one drop of blood to get the results in a very quick time. This glucose meter is for dogs and cats and it comes with an automatic shut off system, The device turns off on its own after two minutes which means that collecting the blood sampling should be done as fast as possible. 

2) Ulticare VetRx iPet Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring system.

This Glucometer is quite affordable when compared to the other ones. It is a complete starter test kit which comes with everything and it is one of the best meters to keep track of your pet’s blood glucose. 

It comes with a meter, a lancing device, test strips, gauge lancets. You will also get a case for carrying all the accessories while travelling. In just five seconds the device provides the results. It works fast and the results are pretty accurate

3) Pet Test Advocate Monitoring Glucose Level Diabetes Testing. 

The Kit is specially designed for cats and dogs. You will receive some fifty test strips, a towel and many other accessories with this kit. There is no coding involved in this, It just takes five minutes for you to get the results. 

It is reliable and easy to use. You can carry it with you anywhere while you are travelling as well. 

So these are some of the best glucometers available in the market for cats. There is tough competition between these three because the reviews are somewhat mixed between them. So it is upto you to choose which one is good for your pet. 

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