Top 8 Best Glucometer in India 2021 for Accurate Results

by Aadarsh | Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Best Glucometer in India: Nowadays, diabetics are one of the major issues among which people are facing. It is a dangerous disease and may cause many other health problems. Today we got an interesting and quintessential topic which may cause awareness among the people. Go through this article till the end and follow our site for more updates. In the current situation, we are already facing a hectic situation COVID 19. If a diabetic patient tests COVID positive, it has more risk than the normal person with corona. Of Course other issues are also there in COVID which may cause chronic and even death. 

Now let us discuss Diabetics. Diabetes is a chronic disease. With an estimated 40 million people suffering from the condition, the largest in any country in the world, Blood sugar has become a big health issue in India. Recent epidemiological studies from India point to the great burden due to diabetes and its micro and macrovascular complications. This is primarily because the status of diabetes control in India is far from ideal. Based on the available data, the mean glycated hemoglobin levels are around 9% which is at least 2% higher than the goal currently suggested by international bodies. A balanced approach to improve awareness about diabetes and its control both among patients and the medical fraternity is an urgent need of the hour in India. 

Generally in diabetic patients, blood sugar levels are controlled by insulin, a hormone produced by your pancreas. When you eat, food gets broken down and glucose enters your bloodstream. Insulin takes the glucose out of your bloodstream and allows it to enter your cells where it is broken down and turned into energy. If you have diabetes, either you don’t have enough insulin or the insulin you do have doesn’t work to get the glucose out of your blood and into your cells. This is how your blood sugar ends up going higher than it should be hyperglycemia.

Not only is there a huge number of people with diabetes in India but awareness levels are also very low.  25% of the population was unaware of a condition called diabetes. 59 Only around 40% of the participants felt that the prevalence of diabetes was increasing and only 22.2% of the population and 41% of known diabetic subjects felt that diabetes could be prevented.59 Though the awareness levels increased with education, only 42.6% of postgraduates and professionals, which group included doctors and lawyers, knew that diabetes was preventable. The knowledge of risk factors of diabetes was even lower with only 11.9% of the study subjects reporting obesity and physical inactivity as risk factors for diabetes. More alarming was the fact that even among known diabetic subjects, only 40.6% were aware that diabetes could lead to some organ damage.59 There is another population based study which was done to find out the levels of awareness on diabetes in urban adult Indian population aged ≥ 20 years details regarding awareness about diabetes. Knowledge regarding causes of diabetes, its prevention and the methods to improve health was significantly low among the general population. In the total study group, 41% were unaware of health being affected by diabetes and only less than 30% knew about complications related to kidneys, eyes and nerves. Many persons with diabetes (46%) felt it was a temporary phenomenon. Among the diabetic subjects 92.3% had sought the help of a general practitioner to take treatment. Only a small proportion went to a specialist. Now we are providing the detailed description to bring awareness among people. We are about to provide the core and advanced topics. 

If anyone has a diabetic patient in their family, they must keep a glucometer to check their blood glucose levels daily in order to maintain a proper diet for them. Proper diet is the quintessential thing for controlling blood sugar levels. Self care is also needed here. Food craving is the dangerous enemy for a diabetic patient. Today we are going to discuss the best glucometers available in India that every indian should buy for the best results for the diabetic patients. Using the best glucometer is also an important thing here to get the accurate results


Glucometer is the portable electronic device which helps you in testing blood sugar levels and help you get the instant result. It provides feedback and lets you know if your blood glucose level is under control or not. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, You can monitor the blood sugar levels in a simple way using Glucometer and it will give you valuable information about whether your blood sugar is too low, too high, or in a good range.

If you have type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, or were diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, a major part of your treatment plan should be regularly testing your blood glucose levels with a glucometer.

Periodic use of glucometer use can help you:

How To Use a Glucometer:

  1. First, set out your glucometer, a test strip, a lancet, and an alcohol prep pad.
  2. Wash your hands to prevent infection. If you are not by a sink, it’s okay to just use the alcohol swab. If you are by a sink and wash your hands thoroughly, you do not have to use an alcohol swab. 
  3. Turn on the glucometer and place a test strip in the machine when the machine is ready. Watch the indicator for placing the blood on the strip.
  4. Make sure your hand is dry and wipe the area you’ve selected with an alcohol prep pad and wait until the alcohol evaporates.
  5. Pierce your fingertip on the side of your finger, between the bottom of your fingernail to the tip of your nail (avoid the pads as this can pinch more). The type of drop of blood required is determined by the type of strip you are using (some use a “hanging drop” of blood versus a small drop for strips that draw blood in with a capillary action).
  6. Place the drop of blood on or at the side of the strip.
  7. The glucometer will take a few moments to calculate the blood sugar reading. Follow your doctor’s orders for whatever blood sugar reading you get.
  8. You may use the alcohol prep pad to blot the site where you drew the blood if it is still bleeding.
  9. Write down your results. Keeping a record makes it easier for you and your doctor to establish a good treatment plan. Some glucometers can store your results in a memory, for easier record keeping.

Top 8 Best Glucometer in India 2021 – 2022 (Reviewed)

Let’s discuss regarding top quality glucometers,

1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit:

AccuSure Sensor Blood Glucose Monitoring System With 25 Test Strips is based on GDH-FAD 4th generation enzyme strip technology to provide the most accurate results. This glucose monitor is mainly used to quantitatively measure glucose in whole blood. It requires a tiny blood sample that is just 0.6uL blood to complete the glucose test and quick results are shown within 5 seconds. AccuSure Sensor Blood Glucose Monitor boasts Autocode capabilities, requiring completely no cryptography for attention professionals and patients. What this implies is fewer steps throughout the testing method and no risk of false readings due to errors associated with incorrect coding. It is easy to use whereas providing safe, accurate, reliable and rapid results every time. AccuSure renders results in just 7 seconds, signifying the most rapid testing procedure attainable. With testing this fast and simple, you’ll expect the least interference together with your daily routine and also the ability to induce back to doing the things you like to do! And AccuSure comes with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. 

AccuSure Sensor Glucometer is ideal for people with diabetes for self-testing. Moreover, Healthcare professionals can use the system to check a patient’s blood glucose values in suspected cases of diabetes and in emergency diagnostics also. After comparing with all the other glucometer, AccuSure with all the features and benefits it provides came at the top of the list of best glucometer in India. This glucometer is being sold at the next lowest price on the list. The reason for AccuSure to become the best glucometer in India could be any of the following value for money, decent memory space, or the lifetime warranty and many other considerable factors. 


  1. This device has 1 AA battery
  2. It can record up to 450 results memory
  3. The blood glucose meter comes with 25 test strips
  4. It also has 10 Lancets
  5. This glucometer comes with a lifetime warranty


  1. This glucometer values every penny
  2. The device has a lifetime warranty
  3. 25 test strips are included with this glucometer
  4. 450 results memory provided in this blood glucose monitor
  5. The device is very easy to use
  6. This glucometer is undoubtedly the best glucometer in India in our honest opinion


  1. Technical issues are often arising by this glucometer
  2. Sometimes it will not show an accurate results

2. Dr.Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor BG-03:

Dr Morepen’s BG 03 is easily available in the local pharmacies, the FreeStyle Optium Neo H can only be purchased from the company’s authorized sales personnel. Ypsomed’s Pura is available in select pharmacies and on Amazon. Test strips for all can be bought online. Dr Morepen’s BG 03 is available in pharmacies for INR 1100 for the glucometer and 25 test strips. You can purchase it online as well. The FreeStyle Optium Neo H meter costs INR 1999 and isn’t available in the offline pharmacies. Please contact the local Abbott sales rep in your area. The test strips can be bought online or from company representatives at heavy discounts.


Range: The range for the Optium is 20 – 500 mg/dl, Dr Morepen’s BG 03 is 20 -est  600 mg/dl and Ypsomed’s Pura is 10 – 600mg/dl. Values lower and higher than the above mentioned values read as “LO” and “HI” in all meters.

Temperature : The optimal temperature for the glucometers to operate properly is approximately between 10 – 50 degrees celsius.

Sample size : The sample size for Dr Morepen’s BG 03 is 0.5 microlitres, for Freestyle Optium Neo H it’s 0.6 microlitres and for Ypsomed’s Pura it’s 0.75 microlitres.

Memory : Freestyle Optium Neo H holds up to 1000 BG entries in the meter, Ypsomed’s Pura holds 600 entries while Dr Morepen G 03 can hold upto 300 entries.

Accuracy : Most glucometers claim to have a +/- 10-15% deviation. We did not perform a control solution test to determine the accuracy. In case you wish to conduct the test, it’s advised that you perform the test with a MediSense glucose and ketone control solution for Abbott (each meter has it’s control solution). Nupur tested Ypsomed’s Pura at a pathology lab and the difference in the same sample of fasting blood sugar between meter (86mg/dl) and lab (92mg/dl) was absolutely acceptable.

Test Strips : Strips for Dr Morepen’s BG 03 and Ypsomed’s Pura come in a plastic bottle while the ones for Freestyle Optium Neo H are available in individual packing to avoid contamination before use. Best packaging is available.


  1. Value for money
  2. 25 test strips included
  3. No coding required
  4. Easy to use
  5. Reasonable cost of strips
  6. The strips of this glucometer come at a reasonable price in the market


  1. Accuracy issues

3. Dr Trust Blood Glucose Monitor:

Dr Trust is a fully preprogramised blood sugar testing glucometer machine is an modern glucose meter, which comes loaded with plenty of features. It is a complete kit that comes with the glucose meter device, a lancing device, sixty test strips, sixty lancets, two AAA batteries, and even a case to carry the meter. The strips provided use GDH-FAD technology, i.e., FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase enzymes, which provide high accuracy in the measurement of blood glucose levels. The GDH-FAD technology also prevents any interference of the maltose and galactose in the blood samples taken. These strips require just a small amount of blood sample of about 0.5 microliters to provide you with accurate test results within five seconds. The strips also support alternate site testing. This means that you can draw blood from multiple areas like fingertips, upper arm, thighs, hands, forearm, and calves. This is done to give you better results and to reduce pain due to numerous lancing in a day. The one-push strip ejection button makes it easy to dispose of the strips with a lower risk of contagion. Further, the device requires no coding, which prevents coding errors and increases the accuracy of the machine.

The device comes with an LCD display and a backlight feature that makes reading the result comfortable even at night. The readings can be displayed in two units, i.e., either mmol/L or mg/dL. The display screen also has smiley indicators.A smiley face on the display screen along with the result indicates satisfactory blood sugar levels. In contrast, a sad face shows an unsatisfactory report. It also comes with a ketone warning feature that alerts you whenever ketones levels exceed 13 mmol/L, thereby preventing diabetes ketoacidosis, a condition common in diabetics.

The glucometer has three modes – a General mode that allows you to measure your blood sugar levels at any time of the day, an AC mode that takes a measurement on an empty stomach or early in the morning, and a PC mode that allows you to measure sugar levels after having a meal. The device is also capable of storing up to one thousand recent test readings along with their date and time. It also has a reminder alarm feature, which reminds you of taking your reading when required. Further, it comes with a one year warranty that can be extended up to six months for free after registration on the manufacturer’s website within fifteen days of purchase.


  1. 2 AAA batteries
  2. 1000 results memory
  3. Sleek and modern design
  4. Backlight display
  5. Ketone warning
  6. Reminder alarm for daily tests
  7. 10 test strips


  1. Sleek and modern design
  2. 1 year extended warranty
  3. 1000 results memory provided
  4. Costs average
  5. Better viewing with backlight display
  6. No coding required
  7. Strip Ejection procedure available


  1. Accuracy issues

4. BeatO Mobile Connected Glucometer Kit

It measures blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere is now possible with BeatO’s compact smartphone glucometer. With this mobile-based glucometer, you can effortlessly take sugar readings, sync with the BeatO App and maintain a log of all your previous readings to understand the pattern of your sugar levels. This not only allows you to make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle but also helps your doctor in monitoring your medication. At the fourth position on the list of the best glucose meters, we have Beato Smartphone Glucometer. This can be considered the best glucometer in India to carry around. As smart as it can possibly get, Beato, is easy to use via your smartphone, managing and storing all the data on your phone as well. Having a long battery life, accompanied by 20 test strips, while the price of the glucometer is also reasonable.


  1. 20 test strips
  2. 20 Lancets
  3. Up to 5 years battery life (4000 tests)
  4. 3.5 mm jack for connecting with phone
  5. Instantly shares reading with an expert
  6. 5 years warranty


  1. Warranty period
  2. Easy to use
  3. 20 test strips included
  4. Long battery life
  5. Lightweight (99.8g)


  1. Not all smartphones are supported
  2. Slight accuracy issues

5. Control D Diabetes Management Blood Glucose Monitor:

Control D Diabetes Management Blood Glucose Monitoring method is basically designed for home use, Control D Blood Glucose Monitor is the cheapest product on this list of the best glucometer in India. At such a low cost, Control D manages to provide one of the best blood glucose monitors in India. Though only provided with 10 test strips, this device gains more importance on the list of best glucometer in India by its 500 results memory and 5 years extended warranty and ranks 4.5 out of 5.


  1. Value for money
  2. Warranty period
  3. Larger display
  4. 500 results memory provided
  5. 10 test strips included


  1. Technical issues
  2. Accuracy issues

6. One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer:

OneTouch is well-known and the most selling brand in the USA. The Select Plus Simple glucometer is one of the brand’s most advanced devices. The glucometer is so simple to use and doesn’t require any coding or set up. The product is also claimed to be accurate as it satisfies the ISO international accuracy standards. Further, no coding feature boosts accuracy as it prevents any error due to a miscode. If the concentration of glucose is more than or equal to 100 mg/dl, then the accuracy is 99.1 per cent. Whereas, if the glucose concentration becomes less than 100 mg/dl, the accuracy percentage is increased to 99.5 per cent. This data is as per the lab results. The glucometer device does not come with any buttons, which provide ease of operation.

The glucometer comes with a lancing pen, ten lancets, ten test strips. A CR2 battery is also included in the kit. It uses OneTouch Select Plus test strips to give you accurate results within five seconds. It requires only a small blood sample size of one microlitre. The testing process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to insert the test strip into the glucometer, put the blood sample on the strip, and the device will determine your blood sugar levels within five seconds to display the result on the screen.

It uses Colour Sure technology that has colour indicators of red, blue, and green colour to let you understand your blood glucose test results in a better way. It even tells you when your levels are high or low. The audio signals and the colour indicators make understanding your test results extremely easy. If your blood sugar levels are low, then the range indicator arrow will point to the blue colour range indicator with a fast beep sound. If the levels are in the safe range, then the arrow will point to the green colour with a single beep sound. But, if the blood glucose levels are high, the arrow indicates the red colour with a slow beep sound.


Moreover, OneTouch Select Plus glucometer comes with pre-set low and high range limits at <70 mg/dl and 180 mg/dl respectively. These pre-set range limits cannot be changed. A three-year warranty is also provided on the meter.


  1. Colour Sure technology and audio signals
  2. No set up required
  3. Quick test time of  five seconds


  1. Pre-set low and high range limits cannot be changed
  2. The battery is not rechargeable


7. Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer with Gold Plated Strips:

There is no specific definition needed for the brand Apollo as it has secured its place quite genuinely in the medical industry with its decent products for over many years now. Despite having a reliable reputation, Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer only managed to grab only the 7th spot on the list of best glucometer in India. The reason being several complaints from users, stating the device to be best for expert or professional use but not so appropriate for using at home.


  1. 50 gold plated strips included
  2. Quick test result conducted
  3. Result directly sent to expert


  1. App log-in issue experienced
  2. Inappropriate for household use
  3. Not easy to use
  4. Faulty display

8. Omron Blood Glucose Monitoring System HGM-112

Omron Blood Glucose Monitoring System HGM- 112 is one of the best glucose monitoring Glucometer in India.   As for the right reasons, it is just 27.2g, making it the most lightweight glucometer on the list. Added with that, it has an error indication system installed in it. On the downside, the device only has last memory recall, which in comparison with other devices on the list of best glucometer in India is quite unacceptable. With just 10 test strips included in the package, extra purchase of test strips for this particular product is usually very costly and mostly remains unavailable in the market.


  1. It has last memory recall
  2. 10 test strips are added in the package
  3. 10 Lancets are also included
  4. Error indication system is installed in this device
  5. A logbook is given with this product
  6. No coding required for this blood glucose monitor


  1. Logbook provided along with the device
  2. It is the most lightweight glucometer on the list (27.2g)
  3. 10 test strips included with the product 
  4. No coding required in this product making it easy to use


  1. Accuracy problems are often faced
  2. Test strips are way too much costly
  3. Test strips are not duly available in market
  4. Technical issues are experienced in some cases